The earnings

The increase in value per hectare is obtained by:
  • buying adjoining properties and in this way creating larger plots,
  • improving soil and yield in collaboration with our tenants,
  • the increase in the general price of land over time, especially because of food shortages, prosperity, inflation risk, climate change and green energy,
  • the increase of EU funding in Romania in respect to the European average,
  • additional increase, because the price level in Romania is catching up and will converge towards the European average.
Further expansion by inflows from third parties offers a number of advantages:
  • sharing costs,
  • the opportunity to professionalize even further,
  • further 'joining together' of plots,
  • more exchange of expertise, network and capacity in the larger group of investors.
Therefore, the shares are now certified and issued by the Foundation Administration Office Frisian Investors. In this way, other investors can join in with the original entrepreneurs by buying certificates. In this way the investments can continue.